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Welcome to Poetry MP Wiki!

Poetry Management and Publishing (Poetry MP) is a poetry app for a poet to manage poems and publish online.

The full app can run on Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux as a desktop app, or run on a Windows based or Linux based Web server as a Web app. And the frontend of the app may be hosted as a static Website to publish the poetry content. Thus, you as a poet can use the full app to manage your poetry on Windows/MacOS/Linux PC, and publish content in a static Website which is cheap or free to run. If you would install the full app in a Web server, the full app can support both management and publishing.

The app is distributed as freeware.

To have some impression of the app, please check:


It is presumed that you are a computer literate who understands basic concept of Website, upload, and Webmastering, though knowledge of Web programming is not required.


How people have been publishing or sharing poems through electronic means if not involving traditional publishers? Here's the list of some scenarios:

  1. Copy machine. After writing some poems on papers, the poet made copies and mail out.
  2. Fax.
  3. Email since the birth of the Internet.
  4. BBS.
  5. Gopher.
  6. Newsgroup.
  7. Static Web pages.
  8. Blog
  9. Web 2.0 applications such as social networking services and wiki.
  10. Poetry portal sites like: ; ; ;
  11. Poetry writing apps, like those listed at
  12. Word processors like MS Word or Google Doc sharing online.

Poetry Management and Publishing (PoetryMP)

The app is designed for the following users:

  1. Poets who would write poems on computers and publish online.
  2. Poetry lovers who would publish poems after being authorized by the poets, or publish poems which copyright are expired or are in public domain.

And the advanced features are designed for such scenarios:

  1. The poet had written over 100 poems.
  2. Many of the poems contain allusions and quotations which need annotations so readers who may not be familiar with the allusions could understand. This app supports numbered annotations (superscript) and phase-based annotations which may be shared among poems.
  3. Full text search.
  4. Tagging for categorization.
  5. Insert images to a poem. The image could be embedded, locally hosted or external. And you may convert external images to locally hosted, so the full app or the static read only variant may work fully offline with images being hosted locally.
  6. The readers will read, browse and search poems on PC, tablets and smartphones.
  7. Allocate poems into albums.
  8. For Chinese poets and respective readers, the Chinese edition of the app provides simplified/traditional Chinese conversion.

What's Not:

  • Specialized for writing poems with vocabulary dictionary.
  • A forum
  • A social networking app

From certain point of view, PoetryMP is a personal poetry blog which can run as a desktop program or a personal Website. And you can publish your poetry through a full Website or a static Website.

Distribution and Installation

PoetryMP is distributed as freeware at the Download area.

The app is build on ASP.NET and can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux with ASP.NET 6 runtime installed.

And the static readonly variant of the app Poetry Viewer is a SPA, which is using the same codes of the frontend of the full app. For more details, please check: