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The UI of Poetry MP is designed for PC monitors and tablets, while the UI of Poetry Viewer is designed for PC monitors, tablets and mobile phones.


Depending on you had installed the app, the access URL could be:

  1. http://poetryapp.localhost if you had installed the app on local IIS or Apache.
  2. http://localhost:5300 if you run the app directly through the Powershell script or bash script.
  3. if you had installed the app on a Web server.


Without login, the users can view published poems only.

The default password for user admin after installation is "Pppppp*8" and you should alter the password ASAP, and keep the new password in a safe place.

Managing Users

After Login

Since the app is for one poet, generally you just need one user admin. In case you may more than one to manage, you may create extra users.


Add / Edit Poem

If you have been writing blogs with HTML formatting, you should be familiar with the basic operations of composing HTML contents, though composing a poem generally does not require rich formatting.

In addition to basic HTML formatting, Poetry MP provides a few more options specially designed for composing poems with notations and images.

Extra HTML Operations

Extra HTML Operations

Insert Sup

This is similar to formatting a piece of text into superscript, however, this operation inserts a numeric superscript incrementally. And the numeric superscripts may be reordered.


Then you click button "Suggest Numbered Annotations" that pops up numeric superscripts which have not been annotated into numbered annotations.

Define Numbered Annotations
Manage Numbered Annotations

When clicking the numeric button, you can input content for the numbered annotation.

Input Numbered Annotation

When the readers of your poetry click a numbered annotation, they will see the content, or a Web paged directed by the Reference URL, or both.

From time to time, you may have numeric superscripts scattering around not in sequential order. If you want them to be ordered incrementally, you may "Reorder Superscripts" and the app will match the numbered annotations accordingly.

Upload Image and Insert

This is similar to "Insert Image" of basic HTML formatting, however, "Insert Image" is to load a local image and insert to HTML content as BASE64 chunk, while "Upload Image and Insert" is to store the uploaded image to the database and create a reference to the backend of the app.<syntaxhighlight lang="html"> <img class="local" src="api/files/file/e65bb512-1a9d-4a78-ac9e-83d74fbf9e8c.jpeg" alt="Pallas Athena" loading="lazy" decoding="async"> </syntaxhighlight>BASE64 chunk is generally 37% larger than the source data, thus, it is recommended to upload image and insert.

Pick Images and Insert

Images uploaded into the database can be shared across poems.

You may check to select images in "Local Pictures Management".

Paste as Plain Text

The HTML content that you had copied from the other sources may contain over complex or inconsistent or unsafe HTML tags, while generally the HTML content of a poem does not require rich formatting. Thus it is safer and simpler to page HTML content as plain text.

Replace Double Linebreaks with One

HTML provides a few ways of rendering linebreaks. Sometimes content copied from the other sources may contain more than one linebreak between lines. This command will reduce double linebreaks into one.


Phase-based annotations match phases in a poem, and the annotations may be shared across poems containing the same phases.

Manage Phase-based Annotations

Through clicking "Suggest Numbered Annotations" the app will scan the poem for matching existing annotations, then you may select matched annotations and associate with the poem.


If you had defined some albums, you may associate an album or multiple albums with the poem.

Associate Album


An album is to contain a collection of poems. And you may have a description on the top as a preface.

Check Poems
Select Album

Album functionality is available if "Settings/Edit/Use Albums" is on.

Pick Album

Checked poems will be contained in the album.

To quit, click this button highlighted:

Deselect album


From time to time, you may need to adjust some settings, backup, export data, or manage locally hosted pictures etc. Please check Maintenance for more details.